Justice’s First Dawn 43: Justice League of America 33

July 18, 2017

Thank goodness Despero, and even the Lord of Time, get shoutouts due to editor's notes!  Otherwise, aside from alien transformed Justice League members, and a gigantic glob of slime called the Endless One, JLA 33 would have as much hearty flavor as a church wafer!  But you do get comments about weird costume color changes, see Batman potentially be killed... or at least suffer an injury that would gravely disappoint Talia, and you have a guest appearance by a letter writer that MIGHT be a prominant comic industry figure!  All this, plus a potential future plan for the show, and your feedback/social media activities!  And should you wish to not fall victim to Alien-Ation, then please leave some feedback towards justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the podcast post!  As always, many thanks!


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