Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 18

May 30, 2017

Watch out, Acroyear!  You're about to be swarmed by Baron Karza's forces!  ...  Wait, you mean this "Journey into the Micro-World" from Justice League of America 18 DOESN'T involve the Micronauts?  Hold on, let me read this tour guide...  Superman acts like a HUGE jerk in this issue?  We get a plot that would probably belong on the nightstand of a certain "Alien: Covenant" director?  And... oh, HELL NAW!  SNAPPER CARR PLAYS THE HERO OF THE STORY?!?  Well, I hope you listeners enjoy this bizarre trip more than I did!  And should you wish to leave some feedback on the bizarre happenings, please do so either as a comment on the podcast page, or by dropping me an email at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  Thanks!


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