Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 70

July 10, 2017

Denny O'Neil and Dick Dillin show up for another episode of JFD, and they're bringing Jack Ryder, AKA The Creeper, with them for my coverage of JLA 70, "Versus the Creeper"!  ... Only that title proves to be a tiny bit of a lie.  But we still get the JLA tackling alien forces!  Oh yeah... and we also have to read about Mind-Grabber Kid, a character that makes Snapper Carr almost Batman-like in terms of appeal!  All this, plus FINALLY my thoughts on "Wonder Woman", and more!  So if you're feeling lively, use those mind grabbing powers to send some feedback to justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or just leave me a comment on the podcast page!  Thanks as always!


JFD Commentary: Galactic Guardians- The Wild Cards

July 4, 2017

As a special holiday weekend treat, I decided to throw in another cartoon commentary!  This time, I cover an episode from "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardian" show, entitled "The Wild Cards"!  Who are our shadowy vilains that appear in the episode?  Which member of the Royal Flush Gang do I have a crush on?  Does Batman make a precident for being sneaky on Apokalypse for this episode?  Listen, play along, and find out!  And as always, please feel free to leave some feedback my way at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or drop me a comment on the podcast page!  Thanks, and Happy Canada Day/Fourth of July to all!


Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 15

July 4, 2017

In this episode, covering JLA 15, "Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens", I offer YOU up a few challenges!  Such as...  Can you take Snapper Carr's INSANELY terrible dialogue in this issue?  Will you buy Batman's REAL loose definitions of what his "Judo" abilities entail?  Is coming from an alternate Earth equal to being an actual "alien"?  All this, plus randomness and your feedback!  And speaking for hunting for feedback, you can send feedback... if you even exist one minute separate from me... at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave me a comment on the podcast page!  Thanks, as always, for your time, and hope you enjoy!


Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 49

June 26, 2017

Felix Faust is back... TWICE... in JLA 49!  Thrill to astonishing action sequences!  Chill to Hal Jordan making rather... interesting threats to feminine fairy folk!  Get ill at the resolution involving a character I'm getting tired of seeing pull the JLA out of fires!  All this, and more!  But I'm never tired of hearing from you, so go ahead and drop me some feedback at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  Thanks a bundle!


Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 50

June 19, 2017

Were you clamoring for the return of the Lord of Time?  ... Anyone?  Anyone?  Well, you're going to get it!  In JLA 50, we see the LoT menace our glorious team once again, using an innocent Vietnam War... edgy for a DC book.. combat veteran!  Witness the drama of our team battling endless antigravity assaults!  Thrill at the extended guest appearance of big-timer Robin!  Shout with joy for having Snapper Carr actually be left behind on an adventure!  All this, plus your listener feedback!  And now's the time to consider using your ancient bug fossil to energize your correspondence towards my inbox at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  Or just feel free to drop me a comment on the podcast page!  Many thanks!


Justice’s First Dawn:Justice League of America 32 and 23

June 13, 2017

Get ready for a feast of the ears as I exhaustively cover JLAs 32 and 23!  Brain Storm and his "adult" helmet!  Zazzala and her scheme for immortality!  All this, plus a small tribute to the passing of Adam West, thoughts on "Teen Titans - The Judas Contract", and your feedback!  So why not load my inbox with content, as I have this episode, by dropping me some thoughts at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  It is always appreciated, and thanks!



Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 18

May 30, 2017

Watch out, Acroyear!  You're about to be swarmed by Baron Karza's forces!  ...  Wait, you mean this "Journey into the Micro-World" from Justice League of America 18 DOESN'T involve the Micronauts?  Hold on, let me read this tour guide...  Superman acts like a HUGE jerk in this issue?  We get a plot that would probably belong on the nightstand of a certain "Alien: Covenant" director?  And... oh, HELL NAW!  SNAPPER CARR PLAYS THE HERO OF THE STORY?!?  Well, I hope you listeners enjoy this bizarre trip more than I did!  And should you wish to leave some feedback on the bizarre happenings, please do so either as a comment on the podcast page, or by dropping me an email at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  Thanks!


Justice’s First Dawn: JLMay Part 12- Justice 12

May 28, 2017

This is it; the grand-ish finale of the multi-podcast JLMay podcast crossover, as I cover the final issue of the Jim Krueger/Alex Ross/Doug Braithwaite "Justice" miniseries.  Come with me as I reveal all about Brainiac's ultimate plan for Earth, how the Justice League manages to overcome the villains odds... and puzzle as to why Joker was even part of this event in the first place!  I heartily am glad to be part of this event, and I thank you for joining me for the conclusion!  As always, if you have thoughts on the episode, feel free to drop them off at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave me a comment on the podcast page!


Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 21 and 22

May 22, 2017

History is made when the Justice Society of America resurfaces, after 12 years of inactivity, to meet with the Justice League of America in JLA issues 21 and 22!  It's a "Crisis on Earth-One and Earth-Two", as our heroes unite to tackle the... oh boy... "Crime Champions".  Does the JSA hold meetings on a lottery system?  Can I refer to "pocket vibratory" devices without giggling?  Will Snapper Carr EVER appear in an issue soon?  All these questions, and more, will be answered in this episode!  Should you wish to start a Crisis of your very own, by all means drop your cryptic hints in my show email account, justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave me a comment on the podcast page!  Thanks as always!


Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 31

May 16, 2017

The Justice League of America hereby elects Hawkman... and YOU... to membership in Carter Hall's first adventure with the team in "Riddle of the Runaway Room" in Justice League of America 31!  In this issue, you'll puzzle if Super-Duper... the composite JLA creation... is weirdly attractive for having Wonder Woman's head on a predominantly male body!  You'll question what would happen if your cat drank yellow milk, and an alien machine decided Doritos make excellent currency!  You'll be gob-smacked by how submissive Hawkgirl is about her position in life, along with the JLA policy of splitting from adventures with a half-second notice!  All this, plus your listener feedback!  So fire up your own Panacomputer... even if the email turns out to be all yellow... and send me some fun stuff to read at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com!  Or drop a comment in the podcast homepage!  Thanks again, as always!