Justice’s First Dawn 45: Justice League of America 28

September 11, 2017

Defenders of the Faith, I have returned!  Through many real-life explanations I've provided in the episode, I've emerged for another solid month of podcasting.  And how do I mark my return?  ... By having that schmuck Headmaster Mind return to menace the JLA with his School of Criminology students, the Tattooed Man, the Top, and Matter Master, in Justice League of America 28.  The JLA protests the United Nations!  Stupid power-sapping batteries cause our heroes' powers to go haywire!  I even manage to note a DISTINCT absence of involvement by Snapper Carr in the issue!  All this, plus your feedback!  So, please make a brother feel welcome back on the scene once again, by leaving me some feedback via email at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com or leaving me a comment on the podcast page, classicjla.podbean.com.  Thanks for your time and patience!