Justice’s First Dawn: A Classic Justice League of America Podcast

Justice’s First Dawn: JLMay Part 12- Justice 12

May 28, 2017

This is it; the grand-ish finale of the multi-podcast JLMay podcast crossover, as I cover the final issue of the Jim Krueger/Alex Ross/Doug Braithwaite "Justice" miniseries.  Come with me as I reveal all about Brainiac's ultimate plan for Earth, how the Justice League manages to overcome the villains odds... and puzzle as to why Joker was even part of this event in the first place!  I heartily am glad to be part of this event, and I thank you for joining me for the conclusion!  As always, if you have thoughts on the episode, feel free to drop them off at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave me a comment on the podcast page!