Justice’s First Dawn: A Classic Justice League of America Podcast

Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 16

December 18, 2017

Has the Maestro defeated the JLA at last?  Is Aquaman able to decide on a different hypnotic dance than Wonder Woman?  Can Snapper Carr belittle the Atom any more?  All these questions, and deeper points are brought up by an issue that could be equal to the critiques leveled at "Justice League", being an issue of two halves, with "Cavern of the Deadly Spheres!" in Justice League of America 16!  All this, plus a GIGANTIC feedback section, of which I thank all of you!  So, if you need a breather from Christmas shopping, and don't have time to create those superhero threatening comic fan letters, please shoot me some feedback at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the podcast page!  Thanks as always!