Justice’s First Dawn: A Classic Justice League of America Podcast

Justice’s First Dawn: Justice League of America 75

April 17, 2018

In Each Man... There is a Demon!  There's also an issue of Justice League of America to discuss which features the debut of Black Canary as a member, the first in-team appearance of Green Arrow in a new costume, and a TRULY astonishing display of horrendous behavior by Hawkman!  All this, plus added contributions by Ryan Daly, and Ruth and Darren Sutherland!  So jump into the episode... where I question in retrospect if I'm color blind... the water's just fine!  And if you wish to splash some feedback my way, please drop some off at justicesfirstdawning@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the podcast feed!  Thank you for your time, as always!